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I don't have insurance.

This is a constant source of distress for me, especially recently. I've been sick for most of October, but I am also bipolar and desperately need to see someone about it. Probably I should just cross the border to Canada and see someone there. It's only like 5 hours away. X__X

My country might be good in some respects, but it treats healthcare like a business instead of a necessity. Fuck. that.
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The end of an era

She called me about a month ago.

She said she wanted to talk, but that it had to be in person. I was extremely high for the conversation. How could I not be? My secret ex-girlfriend (who'd casually mentioned earlier that "we didn't really date, it was just a thing..." to our best friend) wants to have an in-person chat that seems fairly urgent.

So she's at my house. In my room. Telling me that she didn't realize that I'd felt that way. That she could have done things better, etc. Things my 16-year-old self needed to hear.

But. It's just weird, you know? Whatever she does now, it doesn't change how I felt then. It's-- I'm done. It's over and it's done and she knows and it'll be okay, for what that's worth. It's a stone lifted off of my chest, and I can finally breathe a little better. I didn't realize I was still so upset about it until I wasn't.
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OK, Really?

If you're going to friend my journal, fucking tell me who you are. This guessing shit is ridiculous.

Also, note that if I don't know you offline, we're not friends online, and I'm not going to add you. --with the exception of VERY few people.

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It's time for the annual Cystic Fibrosis walk in Central Florida! My aunt is participating again this year, and it would be great if the people who can donate...did. :)

Here's Kasey's walk page, where donations can be made.

There's also an article from her Liver/Pancreas transplant in 1997 - the first of its kind in Florida.

I know that a lot of people on my f-list are poor college students, but....every dollar helps.
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OK, really....

If something is bothering you THAT badly, and you can do something about it (which you can, but you don't feel like it), stop being a fucking pussy and DO it. Really.

Maybe some of these people who offend you are being harsh, but maybe they've also got a point.

Think about it.

In the interim...

Most of the people on my LJ are getting deleted, because I don't feel like listening to the whining anymore.

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Ldn -- Lily Allen (Because it's all cheerful when you're not listening to the words. There's a great juxtaposition of words/music vs. what the lyrics are saying.)

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People Watching -- Jack Johnson

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Fist Vs. Tact -- MxPx

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The Noose -- A Perfect Circle

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April in Paris -- Ella Fitzgerald

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Northern Sky -- Nick Drake
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