January 28th, 2008



The Tracklist
A song with an active verb in the title
Counting Airplanes -- Train

A song about the news
American Pie -- Don McLean (I really couldn't think of what to put here, sorry)

A song that starts with a number
30 Whacks -- Dresden Dolls

A sharp song
Light with a Sharpened Edge -- The Used

A song about stars
Stars -- Switchfoot (LOL, don't judge me)

An enduring song
Whole Wide World -- Wreckless Eric

A song that isn't as nice as it sounds
Ldn -- Lily Allen (Because it's all cheerful when you're not listening to the words. There's a great juxtaposition of words/music vs. what the lyrics are saying.)

A song about watching
People Watching -- Jack Johnson

A song that compares
Fist Vs. Tact -- MxPx

A disdainful song
Stupid Girl -- Garbage

A claustrophobic song
The Noose -- A Perfect Circle

A song about a city
April in Paris -- Ella Fitzgerald

A song about the sky
Northern Sky -- Nick Drake
  • Current Music
    Just for Now -- Imogen Heap