The Lady Grey (nevereverposts) wrote,
The Lady Grey

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OK, Really?

If you're going to friend my journal, fucking tell me who you are. This guessing shit is ridiculous.

Also, note that if I don't know you offline, we're not friends online, and I'm not going to add you. --with the exception of VERY few people.

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Deleted comment


Was good seeing you tonight, btw. :)
I KNOW YOU OFFLINE. FOR MANY YEARS. And I still have your Comedian shirt.

The only times I can hang out this week are Wednesday afternoon, Friday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon. If you are free then, we need to catch up.
Wednesday sounds AWESOME. Really.
It'll have to be before 4:30, 'cause that's when I work.

Ugh, I just got blown off and it sucks.
i feel all special and shit, having been friended from an online source. wootdewoot.
You totally should. I think it's because you actually introduced yourself, and I recognized you from the apartment community.

Way to not be a douchebag! ♥♥
so i totally hope you forgive me for being so stalker-esque, but i found your blog from your flicker site, which i found when i searched "oleg cassini CT282"...

long story short, i'm looking to buy that dress used, and was wondering (i know it's a shot in the dark!) if you 1) had one, and 2) were interested in selling it?

my email address is

forgive me for intruding, please. =]

have a wonderful day!