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The end of an era

She called me about a month ago.

She said she wanted to talk, but that it had to be in person. I was extremely high for the conversation. How could I not be? My secret ex-girlfriend (who'd casually mentioned earlier that "we didn't really date, it was just a thing..." to our best friend) wants to have an in-person chat that seems fairly urgent.

So she's at my house. In my room. Telling me that she didn't realize that I'd felt that way. That she could have done things better, etc. Things my 16-year-old self needed to hear.

But. It's just weird, you know? Whatever she does now, it doesn't change how I felt then. It's-- I'm done. It's over and it's done and she knows and it'll be okay, for what that's worth. It's a stone lifted off of my chest, and I can finally breathe a little better. I didn't realize I was still so upset about it until I wasn't.
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